Benefits of Compounded Prescription for Persons with Chronic Arthritis

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Benefits of Compounded Prescription for Persons with Chronic Arthritis

8 August 2017
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As a chronic arthritis patient, you must know all about pain and its effects. The condition gets worse with time and is likely to produce several adverse effects such as limited mobility, muscle tension, changes in appetite, as well as the lack of energy. If you do not manage the condition properly, the pain will get worse over time; therefore, you will have to be placed under stronger prescriptions. Drugs that are more potent have their side effects, and you should try as much as possible to avoid getting to that stage. However, if you do get to this point, compounding prescriptions is your best strategy. This article highlights some of the benefits of opting for compounding medicines to manage chronic arthritis pain. 

Palatable Medication -- The pain experienced by chronic arthritis patients during the late stages means that you will be stuck with pain management medication over time. Some of these medications have unpleasant flavors which make them difficult to take. However, compounded prescription allows the pharmacist to customize treatment with a flavor of your choice. The final product is the medicine that is easy on your palate. As such, you can stand the prescription for several years to manage constant pain that comes at the later stages of arthritis.

Access to Discontinued Medications -- Over time, pharmaceutical companies might decide to discontinue the manufacture of a particular drug.  Typically, it happens when a better version of the drug is discovered. However, the cost of the new version might put you off, and this is where compounding prescription comes in handy. Therefore, your pharmacist can recreate a discontinued pain management medication so that you can have access to affordable and quality care. Additionally, the process enables customization of drugs according to your painful experiences.

Offers Alternative Dosage Forms -- Arthritis medications come in different forms, for instance, liquid, gel, and pills. If one has been taking pills for a long time, the chances are that they might get lethargic about the pills over time. Availability of chronic arthritis medications in different forms allows you to choose what you are comfortable. For instance, as the pain gets worse, the need to find a fast acting dosage form grows. In such a case, gels are the best choice since they get absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin thereby reaching the pain receptors faster. As such, compounded prescriptions allow you to choose what works for you in pain management.